Physics Department Hosted International and National Conferences

In the year 2018, Department of Physics again hosts International Conference called CTPNP (Conference on Theoretical Physics and Nonlinear Phenomena). This International Conference is organized in conjunction with National Physics Seminar. CTPNP was carried ou on Monday, July 2nd, 2018, located at the LKPP Hall (Institute for Educational Research and Development), Hasanuddin University Campus. CTPNP is an annual activity of the Theoretical Physics Group of Indonesia (GFTI), one of the divisions of HFI (Indonesian Physical Association) which is now officially named as Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI)). So far CTPNP has been carried out in a number of Indonesia big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Solo and Jogyakjarta. Last year CTPNP was held in Bandung (; and for CTPNP 2018 (
is for the first time held in Makassar and outside of Java Island.

CTPNP 2018 presents three panelists, namely Prof. Sauro Succi from Istituto Applicazioni Calcolo, Rome, Italy, Prof. Md. Abdul Khan from Aliah University, Indian Kolkatta, and Prof. Freddy P. Zen from ITB Bandung. The type of International and national event, has been held by the Department of Physics in previous years, such as the 2016 ICTAP (International Conference on Theoretisal and Applied Physics), which is the annual PSI conference.

In addition to holding seminars National and International which constitutes the annual agenda of professional groups such as PSI and GTFI, Department of Physics on a regular basis held a National Seminar on Year 2013. This year’s SNF activities, which are tagged with CTPNP is the program of Physics Department (Study Program), like the previous events such as SNF 2013, SNG 2014 and SNF 2015.

Proceedings of CTPNP will be published on JPCS (Journal of Physics Conference Series), one of the journals at IOP (Institute of Physics) UK (United Kingdom) is a special journal of IOP devoted for Physics proceedings. According to the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Tasrief Surungan, there has been an agreement between the Committee and IOP for such publication. (adm-01)

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Physics Study Program Obtains Excellent Accreditation

Physics Study Program (PSP), Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Hasanuddin University, has obtained a new acreditation status, which was officially announced by the National Accreditation Board of High Education (BAN-PT). The new accreditaion obtained by PSP is in the cathegory of excellent (A), visible online on the page of BAN-PT:
This achievement indicates the excellent performance of PSP in the last several years, in terms of education, research and community servicie activities.

There are seven standards assessed in the accreditation process. These include the standard of vision of the study program, management and governance, the curriculum and learning process, the facilities, the quality of lecturers and educational staff,
students and alumni, information systems and quality of research. With A cathegory, the seven standards on average earned the maximum value. Of course there are a number
points that still require improvement, especially related to enable PSP to achieve its vision and mission, that is be able to contribute globally.

All stakeholders of PSP, including lecturers and educational staff, students and alumni are very happy with this achievement. This is a blessing of time investment and hard work built in the PSP, as well as the result of the full support of the faculty and University leaders. This maximal accreditation status becomes a new motivation for all members of PSP in order to to improve performance in all academic activitis as well as public services. (Adm01)

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