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Physics Department will host International and National Conferences

In September 19th – 21st, 2016, if everything goes as planned, Physics Department Faculty of Science will host both an International and National Conference. These events are ICTAP (International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics), which is the annual agenda of the Indonesian Physical Society. Previous events were held in major cities of the country, such as Bandung, Palangkaraya, Malang, Denpasar and Kendari. This International event, which is the sixth for this year, as previous event, will be held in conjunction with National Physics Symposium (SFN), which will be the 29th this year.

Prof. Mitra Djamal, the incumbent chairman of the Indonesian Physical Society, who is a lecturer of ITB, mentioned as quoted that ICTAP was developed from the SFN, which had been regularly held before the regular ICTAP. He added that ICTAP should be a good arena for the interaction among Indonesian and the overseas physicists. It has a major role to improve International research collaboration networks. The National Symposium, on the other hand, according to him, is to strengthen collaboration among national physicists, including industry and the private sector. This was stated by Prof. Djamal in the a couple of previous ICTAP’s.

The chairman of the 6th ICTAP committee, Prof. Dahlang Tahir mentioned that the plenary speakers will be from South Korea, Japan and Australia as well as from Indonesia. They respectively is Prof. Jae Hee Kang, Prof. Yutaka Okabe, Prof. Anthony G. Williams, and Prof. Thomas Jamaladin. He was quoted also as saying that until now there are a number of overseas participants who have registered, among others from India and Thailand. As for the National Symposium, the chairman committee, Dr. Arifin, MT, reported that plenary speakers are Prof. Triyanta, Ph.D. (ITB), Dr. Isnaeni, M.Sc. (LIPI) Dr. Camelia Panatarani (UNPAD) and Dr. Nurlaela Rauf, M.Sc. (UNHAS).

The main output of this activity is scientific publication, in addition to the possibly increasing scientific collaboration among the researchers or institutions. Papers presented in ICTAP will be peer-reviewed for the publication in AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings, similar to the previous ICTAP’s, the 3rd and the 4th ICTAP. For papers presented in SFN, some will be published in the Conference proceeding, while the selected ones will be published in the Journal of HFI.

Besides ICTAP and SFN, The Department of Physics, precisely the Geophysics study program which is a part of the department, will also hold the 2nd National Seminar of Geophysics (SNG). This is routine event, held biennial since the onset of program called Capacilty Building of Study Program (PPKPS) in 2013 through funds of BOPTN. The chairperson of the 2nd SNG committee, Dr. Muhammad Hamzah Syahruddin, M.Sc. explained that the seminar will take place on August 6, 2016, with three plenary speakers from Hasanuddin University, i.e, Prof. Dadang Ahmad Suriamihardja, Prof. Halmar Halide, and Dr. Muh. Altin Massinai and one from the Association of Indonesian Geophysicists (HAGI) Dr. Dicky Rahmadi Aprillian.

On another occasion, the Chairman of the Department of Physics, Tasrief Surungan, PhD who is also the chairman of Makassar Chapter of HFI, explained that confidence of the Department of Physics in hosting the International and National Conferences grew from the university scheme called PKKPS (Capacity Building Program for Every Study Program) which was fully support by the university. Through PPKPS, the department of physics can organized National Physics conferences in the last three years. It is also driven by the commitment of all staff to contribute in bringing the University to be on the list of world class universities. Last but not least, this program is in line with the idea of promoting Makassar as an International city where various International Scientific events are successfully and frequently held. (Adm01).

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