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Muhammad Nur Gazali Yunus Reprsents Unhas in National Physics Olympiad


The results of the Mathematics and Natural Science Olympiad abbreviated as ON-MIPA (in Indonesian Language) held on April 5th to 6 2016 for the Region IX covering all provinces in Sulawesi has been announced recently. Muhammad Nur
Gazali Yunus, the student of Physics Department has been selected as the first winner for Physics. He achieved the highest score in the competition.
Mr. Yunus will then represent Hasanuddin University (Unhas) in the national
level competition which will be held in May, 23rd – 26th, 2016 in Jakarta.

ON-MIPA which has become an annual event of the Directorate General for Education and Student Affairs (BELMAWA), Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemeristekdikti) and been a prestigious event for enthusiasts of Science, because it contends all fields of Science, i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The total prize of this competition is up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.
Stages of the race also stratified, the selection level of the university, which was followed by a number of students from various faculties in a university,
the followed by regional level and national level. For this year, participants at the ON-MIPA of Hasanuddin university are students from the Faculty of Science, Pharmacy, Engineering, Medical faculty, Dentistry, Public Health, Agriculture, Marine Science and Fisheries, and Forestry. From this level it was selected 7 best students,
namely those who obtain the highest score for each corresponding
field. At the next stage, the 7 selected students represented Unhas to
next level, which was the regional level. It was held in the early April on the campus of UKI Paulus Makassar, and directly witnessed by the officer from Kemenristekdikti.

Muhammad Gazali, who is a student of the department of Physics, entry year 2013, familiarly called Gazali, has been recorded as a brilliant student.
This first class student, graduated from Senior High School 1 Belopa Luwu, has now completed approximately 120 credits with a GPA of 3.9.
If nothing goes wrong, Gazali will be able to complete his bachelor program on time, even with possibility less than four years. Interviewed after attending lecture on Internet Programming, Gazali answered questions about his main interest
in physics specialitation. He is very eager in pursuing the field of theoretical physics for graduate program. His main reason, in addition to extremely challenging field, it is also the field which was less favorable among
the young generation. He aspires to one day be able to study in developed country with very strong physics. In a preparing for the National
physics Olimpiad, Gazali is now attending intensive guidance specially held for him in Theoretical and Computational Physics Laboratory. One of the lectures is Bansawang BJ, M.Sc., who is also the coordinator of ON-MIPA in University level.

Appreciation and congratulation to Gazali, we wish you successful in National Physics Olimpiad, that you may win the competition and can bring the medal to our beloved university. (Adm01).

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