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21 New Physics Alumnae in June 2016 Graduation


Judicium ceremony prior to the university level Graduation has been a regular academic practice in the Department of Physics. This event was held on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016
and attended by the Head of Department and the Secretary, as well as a number of Lecturers from the two existing study programs, Physics and the Geophysics.

During the speach session, where some lecturers and Alumnae usually gave talk, the Head of the Department Tasrief Surungan, PhD., highlighted the main goal of Higher Education, namely to produce graduates who are able to learn independently and continuously. The key word here is “independent”, he said, which is the characteristics of maturity. Therefore, he added, after graduation, any one of the alumnae should be able to be more independent, for example no longer financially depend on his or her parents. That is why, says the Head of the Department, during the learning process as a student, one must transform himself seriously, do his utmost, so that after graduation he can easily get an appropriate job. At the end of his speech, prospective graduates of Department of Physics, in total 21, were officially inaugurated as alumni of Physics Department.

In the other part of the gathering, Prof. Dahlang Tahir, the head of the Materials Physics laboratory, also gave talk in which he emphasizes the importance for the alumnae to collaborate with, in order to strengthen the alumnae physics department network. The importance of soft-skills such as communication skill and polite manner were also highlighted. With enough communcation skill, during a job hunting interview, a candidate will give a very good impression to the interviewer, which will give big chance for a job seeker to be accepted. That is why, according to Prof. Tahir, the knowledge obtained upto this time in the form of hard-skill must be equipped with enough soft-skills.

The Department Secretary (Sekjur), Syamsuddin, S.Si., MT, acting as the MC (Master of Ceremony) of the gathering, also gave a speech. He mentioned that although by this event, the graduates were officially released by the Department, BUT it should not to be interpreted as a farewell. Alumni are encouraged to keep in touch with the those in the Department, including staff and students. By keeping silaturrahim (solidarity and
brotherhood), the Department can certainly get feedback about what needed in anticipating and preparing steps for the real world with rapid developmemnt, said the Secretary.

Some alumni gave short talk in which they express their gratitude, apology ad appreciation to the Department their expectation for better development of the Department in the future. Ms. Monalisa Tandilayuk and Mr. Khaerul Muhammad As’ad, each respectively representing the alumni of Physics and Geofsika alumnae suggested for the improvement of research facilities as well as a simplification of procedure in obtaining access to use equipment in the Integrated Laboratory of Science. Most facilities in this laboratory
so far are mainly used by lecturers and less by the students.

With the addition of 21 alumnae who graduated this June 2016, the Department of Physics until now has resulted in total 1245 alumnae, consisting of 616 graduates in Physics
(including 75 in a concentration of Medical Physics program), and 529 in Geophysics.
Some of these Alumnae wiil attend the Event of Big Gathering of Science Alumnae 2016, which will be will be held on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 here in Makassar, in which the Eid Festival will be a part of the Ceremony. Congratulations to the new Alumni, we wish you all with a great success in the future and with incresing capacity to develope science for the prosperity of human being.

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Physics Capacity Building offered PAR

Program for Department Capacity Building was initiated
in FY 2013 in Unhas, funded by the budget from BOPTN
(Operational Aid Funds of State-Owned University).
In FY 2016, Physics Study Program (PSP)
has set up four activities, one of them is the Program for Academic Recharging
(PAR). This activity was originally introduced by the Higher Education
Direcotorate, Ministry of Eduacation and Culture, in the Year 2010, and
turned into SAME (Scheme for Academic Mobility and Exchange) program
in the following years. Through PAR, appointed faculty members
can carry out research activities in overseas
universities or research institute, hosted by a professor
or reknown scientists, to enable them to produce high quality scientific publications.

Unlike PAR of the Higher Education Directorate, PAR in the PSP will be
carried out at domestic universities, but with
the same goals and targets, namely to make PAR participants to be
more productive again in producing scientific works.
The academic counterparts who will host the participants are
Indonesian physicists with
International reputation. One example is Prof. Terry Mart of the Department of Physics,
University of Indonesia. Some lecturers of PSP have made contact with
potential partners, because for a candidate to be eligible, he
should have established communication with prospective partners.

The amount of budget allocated for this activity is upto 40 percent of the total of 200 million rupiah. This will allow 5-8 faculty members to participate. For the sake of efficiency and also for easily achieving
the aim, in addition to the requirement of having existing
communication with the prospective partner, the participants
should carry out in advance some part of their research activities before
visiting their partner. Draft papers expected to be submitted this year have to be
prepared and should be shown during the interview in the level of study programs.

In addition to PAR, which is a unique program of
PSP for PPKPS 2016, other programs planned are
Workshop on improving the quality of teaching materials,
Writing up manual for experiments and
Upgrading the Website of the department.
All these activities are within the main theme, namely
Building Capacity of PSP for Improving contribution
to regional and global community.
It is realized that sooner or later,
in the future PSP should be able to offer better
research outcomes and services to
International community, at least in ASEAN region.

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