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In 2016 Physics Accepted 116 New Undergrads and 30 Postgrads

On August 18th 2016, the week orientation called P2MB, in the level of Physics Department, was conducted in Physics Laboratory where new students are gathering. This activity is a continuation of P2MB, started from the University and Faculty level held on 15-16 Agusutus. There are 116 new students of Physics in total, consisting of 54 students for Physics Study Program (PSP) and 58 for Geophysics.

In the department level, P2MB consists of series activities, such as introducing Department organization and the staff, research groups and lecturers as well as the field studies developed. Some parents are present in the area of Physics Laboratory, to witness the event P2MB. Currently, the Department of Physics has four study programs, two undergraduate programs, (Physics and Geophysics) and two Postgraduate Programs. Week orientation for postgraduates programs will be conducted separately, not included in P2MB This year, the Department received 30 postgraduate students in total, 26 students for Physics and 4 for Geophysics.

The P2MB ended with the activity of filling the online study plan, which was guided by a number of lecturers and senior students. Each new student had had a username and password, and loged into the Academic Information System (http://sim.unhas.ac.id/). Number of courses programmed for the odd and even semester of the academic year 2016/2017 are in the form of package, each is 23 credits. After this final activity, students returned to the Science Building, gathered with other new students from other departments. The P2MB continued till 19 August for the activity in the level of Student Senate. It was filled with the introduction of student organizations, in faculty and departments.

Through P2MB activities, new students are expected to be more familiar with their new surroundings, both at the university, faculty, department, or with senior students. Inaugural lecture will begin on Monday, August 22, 2016. Congratulations to new students in proceeding new academic life and wishing you all to be successful to achieve B.Sc. (Honors) in Science. (Adm01)

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Several Physics Lectures Attend Training of Quality Assurance

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences through Capacity Building Programs conducted a training for Quality Assurance. This activity lasted for five days, from 8-12 August 2016, located at LKPP (Institute for Research and Development of Education) with facilitators Dr. Sajarwa M.Hum, Dr. Eko Hanudin, MP and Dr. Ir. Retno Indrati, M.Sc. from the Quality Assurance Agency of Gadja Mada University.

This activity was atteded by Several Heads of Departments and the Heads of study programs in the faculty, as well as those from Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty and Department level. Participants from the Department of Physics, among others are Dr. Tasrief Surungan, M.Sc. (Chairman of the Physics Department and the sPhysics Study Program), Dr. M. Altin Massinai, MT. Surv. (Chairman of Geophysics), Dr. Bualkar Abdullah M.Sc. (Chairman Physics Graduate Program),
Dr. Samsu Arif (Chairman Geophysics Graduate Program), and the Department of Quality Assurance unit, i.e., Prof. Wira Bahari Nurdin, Dr. Nurlaela Rauf, M.Sc., and Dr. Muh. Hamzah Syahruddin, MT. The partcipants who are declared to be passes this training will receive certificate and be inaugurated as the acadmic auditor.

Through this program, it is identified that to consistently implement quality assurance it is necessary to do it systemically, ranging from preparing the documents to arranging the schedule for regularly periodic auditing. Only by implementing the quality assurance systematically, output fulfilling the academic standard could be guaranteed. In turn, the vision of the institution can be
successfully achieved in a reasonbale timeline. (Adm01)

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