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Series of The 6th ICTAP Activities Started by Public Lecture of LAPAN Director


A public lecture held on Monday, September 19th 2016 presented plenary spekers Prof. Thomas Djamaluddin (Chairman of The National Institute for Aeoronautical and Space, LAPAN), Prof. Triyanta (Professor of Theoretical Physics of ITB), Dr. Isnaeni (Physics Research Centerof Indonesian Institute of Science) and Dr. Camelia Panatarani (Physics of Padjajaran University). This event is a series of activities of The 6th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics (ICTAP) and the National Physics Symposium XXIX. The event was held in Science and Technology Building, Tamalanrea campus of Unhas and was attended by Academician of Department of Physics and the number of invitations, including students and lecturers within the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering.

After the report by the Committee Chairman, Prof. Dahlang Tahir and welcoming speech of Tasrief Surungan, PhD the head of Physics Department Physics, the public lecture was officially opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Hasanuddin University, Dr. Eng. Amiruddin. In his speech, Dean explains some progress made by the Faculty of Science, including for the existence of Masters programs for Physics and Geophysics in the Faculty of Science Hasanuddin University. This event is a kind of Warming-Up for the International Conference on Physics would will be opened the next day.

Prof. Thomas Djalamuddin was the first speaker, explained the Mission and Vision of LAPAN and the seven main program the agency, including progress achieved. Prof. Triyanta as the second speaker described the Theory Teleparallel Gravito-electromagnetism and gravity. While the last two speakers delivered lectures at the second session, after the lunch break. Dr. Isnaeni brought the material nanoparticle technology and its applications, while Dr. C. Panatarani reviewed the development of advanced materials for new and renewable energy. After the event, a number of participants attended the Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Physical Society (IPS) held at Dalton Hotel Makassar, which was opened by the Chairman of IPS Prof. Mitra Djamal. The Meeting was interluded with a welcoming party for the participants of The 6th ICTAP dan SFN XXIX.

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Graduation Ceremony September 2016, 7 Graduates

Department of Physics, Science Faculty of Hasanuddin University, currently taking care of four study programs, (S1 for Physics and Geophysics, and S2 for Physics and Geophysics) again inaugurated graduates. Seven rospective graduates of the Department of Physics for the period of September 2016, consists of 4 bachelors for Physics and 3 for Geophysics. Master Programs for Phyiscs and Geophysics have yet to produce graduates as this progrmas received new student for the first time in Year 2016. Yudisium which took place in Meeting Room of the Department on Tuesday, September 6, 2016, was attended by graduates, faculty and Chairman of the Department, Dr. Tasrief Surungan. Graduation ceremony in the level of Deopartment in an official event of alumni release by the Department has become a tradition before the university graduation. Several talks were given in this event, delivered by lecturers and alumni, including head of department.

Head of Department in his speech underlined the importance of alumni to continuously develop their capacity in order to maximize its contribution to society. It is associated with high educational purposes, namely to produce graduates capable of self-learning on an ongoing basis. Knowledge obtained during this time should be able to be authorized for social life, said the Chairman.

In another part, Nur Hasanah, M.Sc., a lecturer of Physics Department emphasized the importance for the alumni to have futuristic insight. The past may contain lessons to learn, but the future is something that will be encountered and the need to be anticipated, said the Master of Astronomy of ITB. Before closing, all prospective graduates convey the impression and message. In general, the alumni suggested that learning facility should be further improved especially Laboratory facilities.

With the addition of 7 graduates in this September period, there have been 40 alumni in total for FY 2016. Large number graduation is usulally recorded in the period of December. It is estimated that total graduates until the end of year will be about 70 or 80 people. This achievement shows that the ratio of graduation in the Department of Physics still needs to be improved, because the number of new students each year around 80 people. The average number of students accepted each year should be equivalent to the number graduaated.

Congratulations to the alumni of the Department of Physics for the period of September 2016, may the knowledge obtained can be developed for the benefit of the people, the Nation and the world. (Adm01)

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