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For December 2015, Physics Graduates 44 Alumni

yudisium2015Physics Department of Hasanuddin University has a new record in bringing forth alumni, where for this time there were 42 graduates, consisting of 28 from physics study program and 14 from geophysics. Department Graduation ceremony was held on 21 December 2015 at the office of Physics Department and attended by the Head of Department, Tasrief Surungan, PhD and several senior lecturers. This routine activity prior to the graduation ceremony in the level of university is aimed for the department to officially inaugurate its new alumni, where the lecturers and the Alumni convey their impressions and messages.

The event was opened by the Secretary of the Department, Syamsuddin MT. In his speech, The Department Head emphasizes the importance of brotherhood and solidarity, both among the fellow alumni of Physics, Science Faculty Alumni, university alumni in general, and even among the members of society. He also noted the need for alumni to maintain and develop their knowledge acquired, expanding the cooperation network and stay in touch with the department. On this occasion, it was also mentioned that starting the year 2016, the Department of Physics will have two new graduate programs , i.e, Physics Masters program and Geophysics Master Program. The alumni who are interested in are welcome to enroll from January to March 2016.

A contributed speech was delivered by Pof. Dadang Ahmad, who is the former deputy chancellor for academic affairs of this university. He underlined three objects studied in physics, i.e., matter, energy and information. With these three major classifications, physics graduates should not feel different from one another, he said. The most senior professor in the Department is also looking at the meaning “graduate”, in Bahasa called “Sarjana”. The stem “Sar” means “superior” and “jana” means humans. Sarjana therefore conveys the meaning of superhuman, a man who has a lot of abilities. Therefore it should bring many benefits to the community. Not to be “Durjana” an evil, he jokes, the laughter from the audience.

Dr. Bualkar Abdullah also appeared to give a message. Chairman of the Physics Master Program is to remind alumni to continue to develop themselves. The real exams, according to him, lie in the community. In this graduation, Dr. Abdullah, who is also the chairman of the Instrumentation Physics and Electronics Laboratory, was recorded as an advisor who produced the most number of alumni for this term of graduation. He reminded the alumni not to forget to put on the list the Masters Physics program as a good place to pursue graduate studies. In this event, comments and suggettions were delivered by some alumni, started by the youngest, Dwi Nurfatima S.Si., followed by Djunaiddin S.Si., Harjumi, S.Si., Hidayat Latuconsina S.Si., and Aswin S.Si. In general, all convey their deep impressions during their study at the Department. They also express their thankfulness and appreciation to the entire department members and staff for the service and hard work that had been provided. After the event, faculty and alumni took picture together.

The uniqueness of this current ceremony is for the first time the number of graduates achieves the highest record, with total of 77 alumni for FY 2015, respectively 48 from physics and 39 geophysics. Congratulations and successful for the alumni of the Physics Department for graduation period December 2015. We wish them all with bright future and prosperity, especially with happiness in entering New Year 2016. (Admfisika).

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