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Physics Department Signed Research Collaboration with Washington University

International research collaboration is an important factor for
a university in enhancing its global role and visibility.
Last year (the year 2019), Physics Department of Hasanuddin university has established a research collaboration with Physics Department of Washington University (WashU) in St. Louis Missouri, one of the eminent universities in the United States. This collaboration was signed by the two Chairpersons of the Physics Department of the two Universities, respectively Dr. Arifin, MT from the Department of Physics of Hasanuddin University and Prof. Mark G. Alford of WashU.

This research collaboration is mainly in the field of material physics
Condensed Matter Physics) whose implementation is in the form of
an exchange of research results and hosting visiting researchers/
professors and joint publications. The memorandum of agreement
appointed two respective coordinators,
namely Prof. Tasrief Surungan and Prof. Zohar Nussinov, who respectively represents Unhas and WashU. This newly established
research collaboration in the level of department was coined by
the pre-existing collaboration between the two professors.
They were performing collaborative research
through a World Class Professor (WCP) research grant,
whose funding was from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Through this program, Prof. Nussinov had visited Hasanuddin University (Unhas) in September 2019. During his presence at Unhas, Prof. Nussinov conducted a number of academic activities, including being a plenary speaker at a
Learning Machine Workshop, giving talk at the weekly Colloquium
of Physics Department and delivered guest lectures for Masters program. Besides that, Prof. Nussinov also conducted collborative
advisory for final projects of undergraduate students.
After the visit of Prof. Nussinov to Unhas in September 2019,
his counterpart of Unhas, Prof. Tasrief Surungan visited WashU in October 2019. During his visit, Prof. Surungan conducted collaboratoive research with Prof. Nussinov’s group.

It is part of the planning, in line with this research collaboration agreement, Hasanuddin University will appointed Prof. Nussinov as
a visiting Professor in Department of Physics, effectively
starting in FY 2020. The research collaboration agreement signed last year will last for four years, ended in 31st December 2024, and could possibly to be extended based on the mutual institutional consent. We congratulate Physics Department for this collaboration
and encourage them to be more contributive in bringing Hasanuddin
university as a real world class university (Adm01).