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Teleconference Noble Lecture by Gerard ‘t Hooft


On 1st November 2016, Nobel Lecture delivered by Physics Nobel Laureate,
Prof Gerard ‘t Hooft, held at the Hasanuddin University Senate Hall
in the form of teleconference broadcasted from ITB Bandung.
Prof. ‘t Hooft visited ITB as a Keynote Speaker
for The 6th International Conference on Mathematics and Natural Scinces. The Senate Room was anttended by many Physics enthusiasts, comprising
lecturers and students as well as many guests from outside who were very
happy with this very rare lecture Several universities are participating in this teleconference, i.e., ITB as the host, UGM, IPB, ITS, UM Malang
and Unhas as the only University outside Java.

The topic delivered are very comprehensive, Explaining the Laws of the Universe – Challenges in Physics Research and Education, which describes all spects associated with matter and energy as well as
the structure of space-time. The explanation begun with events and processes
taking place in the Sun, which can be studied multi-disciplinarily,
because it involves particle physics, nuclear, compound, energy and information. Then, Prof. ‘t Hooft wen on by describing the standard model, which he referred to as Standard Theory.

There was a discussion session chaired by Prof. Umar Fauzi, who is also the Dean of FMIPA ITB. The chairman invited representaion from each teleconferense sites. The first opportunity was given to Unhas followed by ITS, UGM, and IPB.
Dr. Tasrief Surungan from Unhas raised a question
related to Prof. ‘t Hooft’s statement who called the Standard Model
as the Standard Theory. In his response, ‘t Hooft explaned
that it is a form of scientific appreciation for the success of
the model in many aspects, despite a number of problems that are still being cultivated.

This lecture which was started at 10.30 am lasted almost two hours.
Participants, most of them are students, considered that this was a golden opportunity.
Never before lecture delivered by a Nobel laureate held
in Hasanuddin university. The floks hope that one day in the future, there is a
scientist from Unhas who can achieve such noble status.

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